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    Electronic Scoreboard    
    The scoreboard above is located at the new Ballarat Sports Ground.
The communications to the board is a quality, robust, industrial wireless system.
    Ballarat Soccer Scoreboard    
The structure came to site from our new, modern engineering workshop in pieces to be assembled near the foundations.
    Ballarat Electronic Scoreboard    
Our updated engineering designs make it more simple for clubs to erect the structures themselves.
    Electronic Scoreboard    

This scoreboard structure went together in less than an hour.

    Soccer Scoreboard    
The scoreboard is now in the structure and the bracket shown is for the wireless reciver.
    Electronic Scoreboard    
The scoreboard is about to be lifted. It was assembled and tested in our electronics assembly area.
    Soccer Scoreboard    
The scoreboard on it's way up to be mounted on to the foundations installed about a week previously.
    Electronic Scoreboard    

The screen sits on the foundations.

    Soccer Scoreboard    
Released from the crane the scoreboard is now firmly fixed in place.
Our new 4 x 4 crane truck is in the background
    Soccer Scoreboard    
Finally in place and being tested.
This scoreboard will also show excellent sponsors' logos.